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Lawyer consulting on investment in Vietnam
Thien Ma Law Firm is one of the major legal consulting firms in Vietnam, with extensive experience in the field of foreign investing in Vietnam, providing legal services to foreign investors in Vietnam and for domestic companies to receive investment from foreign partners. We have worked on major projects in many fields. We assist clients in each individual phase of a project as well as throughout the investment process.

Thien Ma Law advises on all legal issues related to projects invested in Vietnam from countries around the world. Receive investment information from countries that regularly invest in Vietnam such as the US, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan … etc. Our lawyers will support you with the following issues:

1. Introduction of investment projects, project implementation location, investment model, land plot, location in Vietnam for organizing investment in Vietnam.
2. Introduce reputable contractors that are selected by the Vietnamese government regularly and qualified to carry out the project according to your needs.
3. Apply for your company establishment license, project investment license and all project legislation.
4. Assign a full-time lawyer to assist foreign investors during the entire time you invest and work in Vietnam.
5. Finally, all of your other legal matters require the presence of a lawyer to ensure your best interests.

The procedure is as follows: You send your case to Email: or leave a message on this website. You can also contact via social networking to us such as Facebook, zalo under the account named Luat Thien Ma or directly call (+84)9363 80888.. Or you can come the our office at address: 6th Floor An Phat Building, B14 / D21 Cau Giay New Urban Area, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
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Gọi ngay: 0936380888 - Để gặp luật sư tư vấn 24/7